Inflatable Driving Range 6 Bay

6 – Bay Inflatable Driving Range

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For those who are in a space or budget restriction, we offer the 6-Bay unit which is still full height at 12’ and 23’ wide but only 19’ long with four less hitting bays.

The six bay SNAG Range is ideal for individuals or organisations that are mobile and will travel to different venues. Compared to the 10-Bay, it is smaller in length and a lot lighter, allowing it to be more manageable for one or two people to transport.

If you are a golf course, it is obvious, you would like to develop players and create loyalty to your facility. It does not matter if you are a private facility trying to entice more family membership or a public course that sees the advantage of teaching the entire family that golf is a lifetime sport you can always share together, the Inflatable can help you achieve your goals.

If you are an Association, Club, Park or Civic Organization the Inflatable is a community wide opportunity to help teach golf to kids 5 to 95 years old and meet your fundraising goals using our systematic methods to raise dollars for your organization.

Finally, if you are an independent entrepreneur – you have just stumbled upon the holy grail of repeat and fun business. The SNAG® Inflatable has huge potential at every event, school, course, Summer Golf Camp, golf tournament, shopping mall, Summer Fair and corporate event all year round. You can be the go-to company for their “Fun” needs. Everyone loves to hit balls into the SNAG® Inflatable Driving Range, if the public is there, you need to be there.

6 Bay Inflatable Range Package with SNAG equipment: $11,999

  • 6 Bay Inflatable Unit- hold down stakes, repair kit and target clips inside bag w/unit
  • 1 120v Blower
  • 1 3kw gas generator
  • 28 SNAG Launchers(irons)- 7 each  of 4 sizes (26” green, 30” blue, 34” red and 35” black)
  • with 6 right and 1 left handed of each size
  • 12 SNAG Rollers(putters)- 3 each of 4 sizes ( 26” green, 30”blue, 34” red and 35” black)
  • 6 Foam insert targets- your choice of Bullseye, soccer or baseball
  • 6 Rollerama Targets
  • 6 Flagsticky Targets with flag and insert
  • 6 SNAG-A-Green/ 1 SNAG-A-Feature
  • 8 Launch Pads w/3 tees each
  • 200 SNAG Balls
  • 6 Small Hoop Clocks
  • 2 SNAG Equipment carrier bags
  • SNAG Manual and SNAG Training video on DVD
  • 19’L x 23’W x 12’ tall   310 lbs.

Price does not include shipping.  A popular optional item is a heavy duty moving dolly –$729 +shipping.

We can deduct certain items if they are not needed i.e. generator or golf equipment.

Depending on shipping requirements and options selected the package will ship on either 2 or three pallets via ground truck freight.


Contact SNAG for Inflatable Opportunities

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