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What is a SNAG® Inflatable?

The SNAG® Inflatable is both an incredible teaching and player development tool which can fit a number of teaching applications, but it is also one of the biggest fundraising tools which we have ever seen. The easy to maintain SNAG® Inflatable is easy to set up in minutes and can be used in both Indoor and Outdoor locations. The oversized SNAG® Bullseye™ targets allow for our SNAG® balls to “stick” via hook and loop material for instant fun and feedback to your shot. The bright colors and targets bring delight to young and old, experienced and beginner and begs for you to take your best shot!

Considering An Inflatable?

Types of Inflatables

We offer three sizes of Inflatables – the mega sized 10-Bay Driving Range at 43’ long by 23’ wide and 12’ tall is a real crowd pleaser and by far is our most popular unit. For those who are in a space or budget restriction, we offer the 6-Bay unit which is still full height at 12’ and 23’ wide but only 19’ long with four less hitting bays. Or the 4-Bay Mini – At 10′ tall and just 20′ x 20′ with four full hitting bays or you can reduce it to 10′ x 15′ if you want to use just one Bay in a tight space. Just pick the SNAG® Inflatable that best fits your needs.

Why Own an Inflatable?

They are as varied as the type of business you run. If you are a golf course, it is obvious, you would like to develop players and create loyalty to your facility. It does not matter if you are a private facility trying to entice more family membership or a public course that sees the advantage of teaching the entire family that golf is a lifetime sport you can always share together, the Inflatable can help you achieve your goals.

If you are an Association, Club, Park or Civic Organization the Inflatable is a community wide opportunity to help teach golf to kids 5 to 95 years old and meet your fundraising goals using our systematic methods to raise dollars for your organization.

Finally, if you are an independent entrepreneur – you have just stumbled upon the holy grail of repeat and fun business. The SNAG® Inflatable has huge potential at every event, school, course, Summer Golf Camp, golf tournament, shopping mall, Summer Fair and corporate event all year round. You can be the go-to company for their “Fun” needs. Everyone loves to hit balls into the SNAG® Inflatable Driving Range, if the public is there, you need to be there.

Now with our new and incredible Indoor | Outdoor SNAG® Inflatable Driving Ranges our opportunity to help our groups achieve both the gift of learning to play golf AND to be able to consistently achieve their financial fundraising goals is just a chip shot away. Every SNAG® Inflatable Driving Range is a turn-key business, complete with event guides, business plans and a marketing program.

Inflatable ROI – Return on Investment

There are multiple ways to recoup your investment into an Inflatable SNAG® Driving Range. The first and most overlooked is the SNAG® Sign Sponsorship . . . We have designed FOUR large 5.5’ x 6.5’ sign opportunities on each of the Inflatable Ranges. These can be sold on an Annual Contract to appear everywhere the SNAG® Inflatable Driving Range appears in community events. An excellent sponsorship opportunity for local business . . . Price from $995 to $5,000 each sign depending on if it is a Full time sign or in a rotation with another company at every other event.


Guide to Financing Your Inflatable

Financing your SNAG® Inflatable could not be easier. SNAG® has arranged a single source financing partner who is ready and willing to finance your entire SNAG® Inflatable business.  Look at these great terms and rates for qualified commercial lenders at 6.99% interest.

To apply directly to the bank for personal finance of your SNAG® Inflatable we have this convenient online link directly to our partner bank – Click Here (

Standard Equipment Included

The SNAG® Inflatable comes packed with gear . . . you are ready to roll on day one of owning your Inflatable. Besides the actual Inflatable, you will receive SNAG® equipment to operate each bay of the inflatable range, along with equipment to set up an instant all above-ground 6 Hole SNAG® course – all Included with purchasing the inflatable range of your desired size.

Profit Opportunities

The opportunity to develop skills in a player is an obvious benefit of the SNAG® Inflatable Driving Range. However, for the entrepreneur or the non-profit organization to make serious money is simply off the charts in terms of ROI and the myriad of events you can hold utilizing your SNAG® Inflatable Driving Range.

Below is a list of the ever-increasing events that our Inflatable Partners have successfully accomplished.

School Fundraisers                          County and State Fairs                   Shopping Mall Events

Beaches & Resorts                           Snow Ski Resorts                              Adult & Child Parties

Grand Openings                               Corporate Events                             Community Charity Events

Private Country Club                      Public Golf Couse                             For-Fee Driving Range

Mini-Golf Outings                           Tourney in a Tournament             Major Golf Tournaments (PGA)

Summer Golf Camps                       After-School Programs                  Instructional Lesson Programs

Stacked Multi-Events                     Night Events – SNAG® After Dark

We are constantly amazed at the various innovative ways and places our SNAG® Inflatable Driving Range Partners have held community events – Let us share your success stories and we will highlight your program and cause. Coming soon will be our ‘Find-A-Inflatable’ Online Guide where we drive every inquiry we receive directly to your Association or Business Opportunity – We are dedicated to helping you succeed.

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