What does it mean to be a Certified SNAG Instructor?

SNAG® University seeks to educate individuals from all walks of life to effectively introduce this lifetime sport to the masses. Created by educators, for educators, the SNAG® equipment and teaching methods create a learning environment conducive for skill acquisition fostered by self-correction, and affords new learners a successful, enjoyable experience.

“Today, kids start playing athletics when they are as young as 4 or 5 years old, and by the time they are just 7, 8 or 9 years old, many of them have picked the two or three sports that they might want to play in the different seasons. If golf is not part of the sports introduced and available to them at their local park and recreation facilities, they will play other sports and not golf. So we need to get golf in their local parks and have them play our sport, and I think the team concept is the way to do it. Children seem to embrace the team concept of looking to and relying on other children, so it is not all on their shoulders. A lot of kids shy away from golf because of that. When I picked up the game at age 10, one of the beauties of the sport was that I could do it by myself. I didn’t need someone to throw a ball to me or catch a ball or defend me. I could be as good as the time and effort that I wanted to put into it. But at the very young age many children are introduced to sports, many don’t want so much placed on their shoulders. The idea is to bring kids into the game, keep them into the game, have them learn, let them have fun, have fun with their friends, and then they can advance to the next level where they get on a golf course and develop.”

Jack Nicklaus

To effectively bring a uniform teaching method to the game of golf, a comprehensive modification needed to be constructed for new learners as well as for instructors. Built on years of research, teaching, and collaboration, the SNAG® Coaching System equips instructors with the equipment and methodologies to effectively and uniformly introduce and teach golf, no matter one’s background experience with the game.

Why the SNAG® Coaching System?

The origins and philosophy behind the SNAG® Coaching System are not new to sports, only to golf. The golf world has maintained a credo for all players new to the game that they learn the game, practice the game, then play the game. SNAG® allows new learners to play the game, practice what is learned and then play some more. We do not recommend starting on the golf course but rather on a SNAG® course designed for the beginning player. Golf is one of the few games where the equipment used by beginners is exactly the same as the equipment used by professionals. The SNAG® Coaching System uses specially designed equipment that helps the beginner progress through the learning curve faster and more effectively. You will see a greater level of success from all players using this equipment over standard golf equipment. If you look closely at other sports, you will find that the equipment is modified to make it easier for the beginner:

  • Cycling uses training wheels on a smooth, flat surface, not the Tour de France.
  • Snow skiing uses short, wide skis on a bunny slope, not racing skis on the triple black diamond.
  • Baseball starts with a tee-ball concept and small fields, not a 95 mph fastball in major league parks.

Yet we start all golfers with professional equipment on the same venues where professional tournaments could be held. This coaching system addresses how and where beginners should start within the context of your local public park or other facility. The SNAG® CS utilizes “Whole-Part Teaching.” It involves the demonstration of the whole skill first, and then the breakdown of the skill into its parts so it can be seen, understood and executed properly by the player. Each part is described by a phrase or word picture and assigned a word cue. When word cues are given in their proper sequence, the player is able to recall the descriptive phrase or mental image and can work on his or her own to practice the skill.

Perhaps the most vital aspect of the SNAG® CS is its ability to observe measurable progress. This aids learners with identifying skill progress, motivation level, and determining strengths and weaknesses. It also equips instructors with the ability to individualize their instruction to each player’s specific needs, track student progress, and better understand ways in which to improve instruction.

When individuals become Certified SNAG® Instructors, they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to implement a uniform teaching method for introducing golf to new learners as well as the means to obtain measurable results valuable to effective teaching. We agree with Mr. Nicklaus, and believe that in order to effectively expose beginner’s to golf, a consistency must exist among the pedagogical introduction. Therefore, several objectives were targeted for the SNAG® Level I Basic Training.

Upon completion of the Level I Basic Training, Certified SNAG® Instructors will be able to perform the following Objectives:

Introduce and Instruct the SNAG® Basics: Equipment & Teaching Methodologies

Discuss the historical & scientific development of SNAG®

Apply a variety of learning styles when teaching SNAG® to new learners

Understand and demonstrate the use of the SNAG® Training Tools

Develop/enhance personal performance of the swings used in SNAG® (i.e., launch, pitch, chip, & roll)

Understand, demonstrate and apply the rules, strategies, and safety components of SNAG®

Demonstrate the ability to analyze the performance of, use appropriate teaching cues, and give appropriate feedback to new learners

Develop “routines” for effective session management and instruction

Understand the common characteristics of the learning styles and the implications for teaching SNAG®

Layout the SNAG® stations & course

Understand ways SNAG® can be used to instruct players of all ages and abilities as well as how to promote those programs


Why Become SNAG® Certified?

Increase your teaching revenues and markets
Listed in the SNAG® National Registry of Certified Coaches
Eligible for progressive level certification completion
Become an expert on the history and development of SNAG®
Learn how to effectively utilize the developmentally appropriate teaching methodologies


Course Details:

Cost: $499.00
Duration: 1 month to complete course requirements
Where: SNAG® University Learning Site
What: Four Course Modules