SNAG Certification

Here at SNAG U, we value being the #1 golf education company globally. This is why we have put tremendous effort in creating an online certification program for professionals who want to properly introduce this lifetime sport to the masses. This incomparable four-week online course will be offered to professionals who seek to embody the change this industry needs and increase the enjoyment, skill acquisition and retention of beginner players.   This year is going to be full of growth, expansion and change; we hope you climb on board with us!

Upon completion of the Level I Basic Training, Certified SNAG Instructors will be able to perform the following Objectives:

  • Introduce and Instruct the SNAG Basics: Equipment & Teaching Methodologies
  • Discuss the historical & scientific development of SNAG
  • Apply a variety of learning styles when teaching SNAG to new learners
  • Understand and demonstrate the use of the training tools
  • Develop/enhance personal performance of the swings used in SNAG (i.e., launch, pitch, chip, & roll)
  • Understand, demonstrate and apply the rules, strategies, and safety components of SNAG
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze the performance of, use appropriate teaching cues, and give appropriate feedback to new learners
  • Develop “routines” for effective session management and instruction
  • Understand the common characteristics of the learning styles and the implications for teaching SNAG
  • Layout the SNAG stations & course
  • Understand ways SNAG can be used to instruct players of all ages and abilities as well as how to promote those programs

Course Details:

  • Cost: $499.00
  • Duration: 1 month to complete course requirements
  • Where: SNAG University Learning Site
  • What: Four Course Modules



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