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Welcome to the First Step in Becoming a SNAG Certified Coach.

Are you an International Professional? Our Coaching Certification is in English, if you can communicate in English, we can accommodate your SNAG Certification process. If so, Domestic or International please continue below.

Important – This class is very comprehensive and ‘hands-on’. Certification will require specific SNAG equipment in order to complete the assignments. Coaches without the needed equipment will be unable to complete the assessments and cannot pass.

Our assessments are done by video, where you submit either camera or cell phone video, demonstrating the required skills of that assignment. You will need to be able to video yourself with the SNAG equipment and upload it to our SNAG U Coaching Certification portal.

Here are links to the minimum equipment requirements for your Coaching Certification and instruction of your students. 

  1. Small Coaching Kit (Single Age or All Ages) – Click for Coaching Kits

The pricing you see on these links above are PUBLIC pricing, if you register yourself as a professional on our store, you will be granted our exceptional industry wholesale pricing for your required equipment needs. 

Please note – Your contact information such as phone or particularly your eMail, is how we will communicate with you, so please supply the best direct contact you would like us to use.

    * 1. Your Contact Information

    * 2. What Fied Do You Work In? Choose Below.

    * 3. Are you familiar with the SNAG Equipment and Training Methodologies?


    * 4. Where Do You Currently Work or Instruct?

    * 5. Does Your Facility or You Personall, Own SNAG Equipment and Use SNAG Programming?


    If yes above, please describe the type of equipment and programming you are currently using with SNAG.

    Note — SNAG Coaching Certification is ONLY available for coaches or facilities who own the required SNAG equipment needed to complete the Coaching Certification assignments. Upon completion of your Certification, we will list you and your facility as a Certified SNAG Coaching Location on our website.

    * 6. Do You Have Any Questions We Can Forward to Our SNAG U Staff?

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