Demo Day at the PGA Show...Windy but Wonderful

January 27th, 2011 6:45pm - Posted By: Tiffanie

Wow! Demo Day was so WINDY that our tent blew over ten times before we finally struggled it back in its package, signs were flying all over the place, order forms were blowing everywhere, and soda's were spilling all over our paperwork...wind burns aside we were overwhelmed with Pros wanting to know more about SNAG so it was an awesome experience. This is our 10th year to exhibit at the PGA Show but we've never done Demo Day before. It was well worth it! We heard time and time again how cool our products were and when Pros were able to touch the equipment and visually experience the training tools, etc. they were PUMPED! If you want to see some pics, go to our Facebook Page HERE.

We had tons of Pros that already have a SNAG program come by to tell us how much they love it and to convince other Pros that they HAVE to have it! It was great.

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SNAG "All Stars" Share How to Grow the Game AND Grow Your Business

January 24th, 2011 10:27am - Posted By: Tiffanie

Would you like to learn how Pros are growing the game, making money, and having a great time doing it?? Then come by Booth 379 at the PGA Show and talk to the SNAG "All Stars"! These dedicated professionals are successfully utilizing SNAG to teach new learners and want to share their success with you...  

SNAG All Stars Schedule:

 Thursday, January 27th:

11:00 am-1:00 pm: Charlie Lanzetta & Nikki Lanzetta

1:00 pm- 3:00 pm: Rick Grayson

Friday, January 28th:

11:00 am-1:00 pm: Vikki Vanderpool 

1:00 pm- 3:00 pm: Kate Tempesta

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm: George DeVita (See blog below about George’s exepreice growing club membership using SNAG called "Golf Course Owners and Pros: Want to grow your membership? Talk to George!”)

How do these All Stars use SNAG? What makes them All Stars? See information below to learn more about each of these Pros:


Vikki Vanderpool, President, Approaching The Green

Vikki says, “Since 2003 I have been using SNAG products with tremendous success.  Initially I used SNAG with our Golf-In-School programs. Due to the easy learning aids and specially designed equipment to make golf fun, I continued the use of SNAG in our daily clinics with juniors starting to learn golf as early as the age of 4.  Our participation level increased from 360 juniors in 2003 to almost 1,000 participants in 2008, not including the thousands of juniors we reached each year in local elementary schools.  In 2009 I was fortunate to win the national PGA Junior Golf Leader Award and I know SNAG had a direct influence on my success.  Currently I am President of Approaching the Green, and work diligently each day to familiarize PGA pros with SNAG and how it can help to attract golfers of all ages and keep them interested in the game.”

Vikki’s Other Teaching Awards Include:

·         US Kids Top 50 Teacher-2005, 2006, 2007

·         US Kids Top 50 MASTERs Teacher 2008

·         Tennessee PGA Junior Golf Leader-2006


Vikki Vanderpool, PGA
Approaching The Green
Phone: 615.663.1330
email: vikki.vanderpool@comcast.net


Kate Tempesta, Founder, Urban Golf Academy

Kate, founder of Kate Tempesta's Urban Golf Academy, is a member of the LPGA T&CP and the Director of the Junior Golf Program at Montauk Downs in New York. Kate has been very successful in using SNAG Golf to instruct new learners at a variety of locations in New York City including Central Park. Kate says, “I have successfully placed SNAG in 12 after school programs in New York City and that number promises to grow for the fall. We already have sign-ups for 5 classes in Central Park (separate from the schools) and we will have programs all over the "Hamptons" (Long Island) this summer, as well as in central park and several school camp programs. NYC LOVES The Urban Golf Academy and SNAG!!!!”


Kate’s SNAG blog: http://www.snaggolf.com/blog/102794/5298/

Kate’s Urban Golf Academy blog: http://www.ktuga.com/Kate_Tempestas_Urban_Golf_Academy/Blog/Blog.html


Kate Tempesta

Urban Golf Academy

Phone: 917-650-5668

Email: katetempesta@me.com



Rick Grayson, Teaching Professional, Rivercut Golf Course

Along with being an excellent teaching professional, Rick is also the president of the Heart of the Ozarks Junior Golf Association. It is in this role that he has made considerable strides to expose thousands of kids to the great game of golf. Over the past 9 years the association has raised 1.6 million dollars for junior golf.  Rick uses SNAG Golf along with other tools to teach juniors, but he states, "SNAG is THE BEST WAY to expose kids to golf".  He feels that SNAG has the greatest ability impact on the golf community by growing the game for future generations. 

The Heart of the Ozarks Junior Golf Association has worked very hard to raise funds to get SNAG into the hands of kids in the 37 Springfield elementary schools. There are 7,000 to 8,000 children in these schools that now have access to a proven method to learn golf while being active and having fun. Through SNAG thousand of kids (and adults) are being exposed to golf that otherwise wouldn't be. Rick's program matched each school with a local golf professional. These pros provided an orientation for the physical educators at each of the schools.


About Rick:

·         Mid West Section PGA Teacher of the Year 5 times

·         Golf Magazine Top 100 Golf Instructor in America

·         Mid West Section PGA Junior golf Leader 4 times

·         President of Heart of the Ozarks Junior Golf Foundation

·         Card Carry Member of the Elvis Presley Fan Club


Rick’s SNAG Blog: http://www.snaggolf.com/blog/102794/5238/


Phone: 417-823-7888

Email: RickGraysonGolf@sbcglobal.net



Charlie Lanzetta & Nikki Lanzetta, Rockland Golf Course

Charlie Lanzetta’s junior golf program at the course has been a long-running success every summer, and he is also generous with local high school golf teams in providing them with a place to play during the school year. He has also reached out to help develop and promote programs and initiatives dedicated to the advancement of women’s golf. Along the way, Lanzetta became president of the NEPGA (1986-88) and received the Horton Smith Award for outstanding contributions to professional golf education (1987). He also received the PGA of America Junior Golf Leader Award in 2001 and has helped raise over $475,000 running charity tournaments to benefit Children’s Hospital. The Rockland Junior Golf Program utilizes SNAG Golf to instruct students. The program was started in 1978 with 18 children, and their enrollment has grown to more than 750 students each year. In 2001 Charlie received the P.G.A. of America Junior Golf Leader Award and it 2010 was inducted into the N.E.P.G.A. Hall of Fame. Here is a great article that highlights Charlie’s background: http://www.patriotledger.com/sports/x307713148/Rockland-GC-director-Lanzetta-set-to-enter-NEPGA-Hall-of-Fame


Nikki Lanzetta is the Director of Junior Golf at Rockland Golf Course.


Charlie Lanzetta

Head Pro

Phone: (781) 878-5836 x 29

Email: clanzettapga@aol.com


Nikki Lanzetta

Director of Junior Golf

Phone: (781) 878-5836 x 29

Email: rgcjuniorgolf@aol.com



George DeVita, Head Pro, Farmington Woods Country Club

George DeVita is a PGA Professional and the Head Pro at Farmington Woods Country Club in Farmington, Connecticut. George says that he doesn't look at SNAG as only a financial opportunity, although it has definitely helped him both personally and professionally, as his top focus is growing the game, the health of his facility, and its membership. George feels the key to introducing golf to new learners is to make it fun and simple with real measures of success early on.Last year he introduced 450 kids to golf in local elementary schools. In recent years his club had seen a decline in membership and was really struggling to grow members.  On January 1, 2010 they had 172 members. Since that time they have ADDED 81 NEW MEMBERS, 15 of which are Jr. Members. Farmington Woods and George attribute this fabulous growth to the community outreach he has done with putting SNAG in the schools. Almost all of these 81 new members were parents and people from the community that became aware of their club and their innovative thinking through the SNAG program.

George DeVita

Head Pro

Phone: 860-756-6735

Email: gadev@pga.com

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Golf Course Owners and Pros: Want to grow your membership? Talk to George!

January 19th, 2011 3:03pm - Posted By: Tiffanie

As a kid George DeVita was interested in golf but he soon found there were many barriers to breaking into the sport. Challenges such as transportation to and from the course, equipment costs and regular lessons made progressing in the sport difficult. Luckily he pressed on despite these barriers for his love of the game continued to grow.  He became a caddy as an inexpensive way to play and practice while learning the industry from the inside out. George's determination paid off and he is now the Head Pro at Farmington Woods, in Farmington, Connecticut.

George was introduced to SNAG around 5 years ago as an Assistant Pro in Ohio where he helped to bring SNAG to local schools. The SNAG equipment had been donated by a corporate sponsor. He and a colleague would set up the equipment and join in for some of the instruction during the first class. He knew that bringing SNAG equipment to the kids was an awesome opportunity but wasn’t able to provide the PE Teacher with a comprehensive training or a curriculum and he wasn’t involved in the follow up of the program. This left him with lingering questions as to whether the educators and students really got the most benefit from the SNAG system.  (Note:  At the time, George was unaware of the resources he had at his finger tips. We have a comprehensive Manual, Curriculum, Training Tools Video, and full length Training Video in case anyone needs it!) George wondered if the equipment was sitting in a closet or if it was really being utilized to its fullest potential. When he moved back to his home town of Farmington, CT a couple years ago he decided to start his own Golf in Schools Program to personally ensure that there was a smooth partnership between the Golf Pro and the PE Teacher, and that everyone was properly trained on the benefits and methods of the system.  He also became aware of an array of SNAG resources including an age specific curriculum that is broken down into lesson plans. More than just a game, SNAG’s well-planned K-7 curriculum offers teachers an opportunity, in a single activity, to meet many of the standards set by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). The physical education programs which are the most educationally sound contain objectives in the three domains of student learning: Psychomotor (physical skills), Cognitive (knowledge of concepts, rules and strategies), and Affective (emotional well-being). The SNAG curriculum includes objectives in each of these three domains, as well as ideas for academic integration. To access the curriculum, click HERE

The key to introducing golf to new learners is to make it fun and simple with real measures of success early on. George says, “Most kids in Farmington grow up playing soccer. Soccer has a great development program but there isn't anything like that here for golf." With the full support of his club, Farmington Woods, he decided to reach out to the local community through the schools. So George took on that challenge and last year he introduced 450 kids to golf in the local elementary schools. WOW! How many Pros can say that!

George wanted to ensure his program was sustainable for teaching future generations. He now provides our curriculum and does week long trainings with the PE teachers to ensure they completely understand the curriculum, word cues, how to set up the stations correctly and safely, and the "why" behind the specific instruction methods. George feels that if educators choose to commit their time and effort to fully learning the system they will love it and be committed to using it to teach the students for years to come. The educators found the curriculum to be very helpful in their classes. It is truly a turn-key program. The fact that the PE Teachers didn’t have to do the extra hours of work needed to put together a solid SNAG curriculum was a huge deciding factor for the schools to adopt the program. George found that creating a positive relationship with the schools and educators was very important to the success of the program. George also had a great connection in Farmington named Suzy Whaley. In July of 2003, Suzy was the first woman to qualify and participate in a PGA Tour event in 58 years. She is the National Spokesperson for the American Express Women's Golf Month. Her teaching accolades include being chosen among the top teachers in Connecticut by Golf Digest, a top 5 national female teacher designation by Golf Digest magazine, etc. (To learn more about Suzy please visit: http://www.suzywhaleygolf.com/biography.asp) Suzy understood the importance of George’s mission to put golf in the schools and to "think outside the box" to grow golf so she continues to help spread the word through her network.

In order to pay for the equipment, George held fundraisers in the community. He has already paid off one Kit and is working on buying another. He feels that community outreach is the key; now the kids are learning golf and the parents know about him and his club. Farmington Woods, a private club, has opened their doors to host SNAG classes. The club invites the community on weekends in May to receive free SNAG instruction from George and his assistant for free.

In recent years the club had seen a decline in membership and was really struggling to grow members.  On January 1, 2010 they had 172 members. Since that time they have ADDED 81 NEW MEMBERS, 15 of which are Jr. Members. (Jr. Members are allowed to join at a lower fee).  We are in a time where many courses are closing or downsizing and pros are losing their jobs. How many clubs/courses have the bragging rights to say they are GROWING membership! This is HUGE!  Farmington Woods and George attribute this fabulous growth to the community outreach he has done with putting SNAG in the schools. Almost all of these 81 new members were parents and people from the community that became aware of their club and their innovative thinking through the SNAG program. The media picked up on his story and helped to promote the fundraisers. The media loved the Golf in Schools concept and thought it was amazing that new learners could still play golf indoors in the freezing Connecticut winter!

Things have gone so well this past year George has big plans! He wants to start SNAG Leagues, to create a "Golf in Schools" committee, to create a non-profit, and to expand the program to include Seniors. He recently did a lesson with an 80 year old man that had never played golf before. When George asked him why he was looking for instruction he was told that the man's grandkids were coming into town to visit and he wanted to engage with them in a fun activity. Many Seniors that have golf experience are forced to give up the game they love when they are no longer able to do 18 or even 9 holes. George enthusiastically says, "Other than golf, what other sport allows grandparents to enjoy playing with their grandkids? Most senior adults can't or don't want to play contact sports like basketball, soccer, hockey, etc. Golf allows families of all ages to have fun together!"  

Another goal of George's is to have "Golf in the Parks" using SNAG. He has already begun discussions with his local Park & Rec department so more people can play year round.  He also dreams of hosting the first ever New England SNAG Tournament and of having wildly successful Junior and Senior Programs. George has worked hard to "create buzz" in his community. He has spent lots of time educating people on SNAG, golf in general, and why it’s an important mission to grow the game. George says that he doesn't look at SNAG as only a financial opportunity, although it has definitely helped him both personally and professionally, as his top focus is growing the game, the health of his facility, and its membership. The great thing is that SNAG has helped him in all of these areas! As his program continues to grow he plans make additional income for his club by selling SNAG training tools and Player Parks in his Pro Shop so his members can play and practice at home. Pros get a discounted price on all SNAG equipment so George can carry a small inventory to make extra income and to provide an extra service to his members. Rock on George!    

So what do the kids in the schools think about golf? THEY LOVE IT! George says, "A kid who isn't your "typical" athlete or isn’t interested in team sports can still find great success with SNAG. They can do things in golf they can't do it other sports. Golf is a game where age and raw physical attributes don't matter; a 10 year old can beat a 20 year old. The kids love that they could actually play the same hole as Tiger Woods, it makes them feel like a superstar".  Through golf, people of all ages have a sport they can play for the rest of their lives and share with their entire family. The parents love it when they see their kids enjoying themselves and learning. Many courses and pros have found great success with “Daddy and Me” or “Mommy and Me” classes and family tournaments on the weekends.

The "sky's the limit" says George. The traditional way of teaching golf in schools or at the courses is no longer working. There are no more caddies, which is how he learned etiquette and was mentored by more experienced players. So many new learners are intimidated by even getting out onto the course; they don't even know where to begin. This causes frustration and angst. With SNAG they can play in their backyard, learn the basics, and then transition to the course when they are more comfortable.

"When you get the kids involved in golf, you get the parents involved which in turn creates a buzz in your community...that is how golf will win, through SNAG"~ George DeVita   

George DeVita is a PGA Professional and the Head Pro at Farmington Woods Country Club in Farmington, Connecticut. George lives in Simsbury, Connecticut. His hobbies include biking, long distance running, reading, playing with his children, and coaching ice hockey. George can be reached at 860-756-6735 or gadev@pga.com


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SWS Golf Blog link...check it out!

January 18th, 2011 9:10am - Posted By: Sean with SWS Golf


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Response to "Call for Mindset Change" article

January 5th, 2011 4:18pm - Posted By: Rob

This blog is in response to the “Call for Mindset Change” article in the December Asian Golf Monthly: See page 44, http://asp18.digitalflip.com/asiangolf/asiangolfmonthly/AGM123/AGM123-Dec2010.html


Multi-time Majors champions Gary Player, Greg Norman, and Annika Sorrenstam were among 50 world class speakers at the fourth Asia Pacific Golf Summit in Bangkok who debated the direction of golf in Asia, direction of the junior game, and the importance of keeping golf relevant in these rapidly changing times. The Asian golf industry hasn’t even been hit as hard as the U.S. has and they are already being more proactive!  As the article states, “The call for CHANGE was pretty much unanimous. With Greg Norman and Gary Player to the fore, heartfelt pleas for a paradigm shift in the mindset in the golfing industry intensified.” Much of the focus was squarely on golf development to grow the game. As most of you already know, this is a subject very near and dear to our hearts; we are passionate about golf development! One of the hot button subjects in the golf industry right now is how to shift the “Big Golf” mindset to something more inclusive where we bring in more players.  We agree that golf as an industry “can’t afford to do business the way we always have”.

In any industry change does not come easy and that especially applies to a game that throughout its history has been very exclusive. Elder statesmen of the sport Gary Player and Greg Norman pleaded for a paradigm shift in the mindset of the golfing industry in a recent APGS conference in Bangkok. While there were many areas of improvement discussed at the summit, I want to address the issues that stand the best chance of actually making progress in what I term “Big Golf”. In short, Big Golf cannot get out of its own way simply because it’s too big.  A simple but powerful statement that speaks to the inherent issues that are causing the game to die a slow death. Mr. Player and Mr. Norman realize this and are reaching out for answers to transform the game of golf into a sport that more people have access to in a variety of environments. We have a few ideas for Mr. Player and Mr. Norman and with their support and the support of other industry leaders we can make infinite progress toward making golf a thriving sport among all ages, abilities, races, and economic circumstances.

So, let’s explore some of the major concerns discussed at the APGS.

1.       “We need to get more people into this game”: Getting NEW players and RETAINING them requires targeting specific groups. Then, making the learning process fun and easy with real measures of success early on. Golf is a lifelong sport and it takes hard work and dedicated to make process. Just ask Mr. Player and Mr. Norman and I am sure they will tell you they are always improving in all areas of their game and in their life. SNAG equipment and training tools make the learning process fun and easy. It is a revolutionary learning system that incorporates cutting edge teaching techniques with unlimited and engaging fun! SNAG touches on all aspects of the game from an emotional, physical, and mental perspective. We employ things like NLP and Task Focused Instruction to get real results (Jedi Knight stuff). The equipment is modified to make learning easy right from the start. There is nothing more difficult than hitting for the first time with traditional equipment.  The game can also be played anywhere indoors or out while delivering a real golf experience. Now, I know all the teaching pros are thinking NOT WITH MY PROGRAM! Yes, with your program too. Would you like to have golf in every school in your section feeding the bright and talented young golfers for years to come?  Do you want to bring new players into the game of golf and retain them for a lifetime? If you’re interested in achieving these goals please keep reading...

2.       “We need to get kids away from their Playstations and get them an introduction to golf in the elementary and middle schools”: I know this seems like a daunting task. Ask any parent or family member of a youngster and they will tell you that between the TV, video games, and texting our kids sometimes seem like technology zombies. We need to get our kids engaged in the real world! Breathing fresh air, learning, and being physically active!! SNAG is currently utilized in PE classes in more than 5,000 schools in the U.S. and over 1,000 schools in 25 countries. To clarify, that is 6,000 schools worldwide learning and playing golf. Our All Ages Kit is a turnkey operating system that PE professionals can easily implement to teach up to 48 kids comfortably indoors or out. Our SNAG-a-School program teaches the local golf professional how to implement a golf program in area schools that provide for a feeder into the local courses helping to grow the game regionally.

3.       “We need to get existing golfers to play more”: In these busy and economically challenging times, how many families can spend 5 hours and $50 to 100 per person at a country club playing traditional golf? (and that is assuming the kids and the spouse enjoy golf at all). The answer is very few families, and even these numbers are diminishing. With SNAG, families, groups, and people of all abilities can play anywhere for a very low cost. The focus can be on having fun instead of holding up the guys behind you because your wife (or you) takes 15 layup shots to reach a par 3 green. You can play for as long as you like, anywhere you like, and include everyone.

4.       “We need to launch aggressive junior golf development programs”: This is a huge part of our mission. We do this all day every day. There are thousands of pros out there doing a great job with SNAG golf development programs. Over the years we have helped many of these pros to develop or improve their junior golf program so it is attractive to potential clients and sustainable; this is fun for us and we can help make it easy for you. Don’t go it alone, we have a network of experienced pros and a library of resources.  

I urge you to read the article HERE and judge for yourself. Are there very real issues effecting the game of golf? The answer is clear and we firmly believe our programming and innovative approach to the business of golf will make a significant and positive change for the better.

Enough talk, let's see some action! Take a look at our SNAG International Distributors at http://www.snagpros.com/internationaldistributors.html who are making great strides in their home countires. Our mission at SNAG is to grow the game worldwide by putting golf in every school. We partner with the First Tee and other groups in the U.S. to accomplish this goal but we also need the help of all of our dedicated professionals out there that want to grow the game!


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Gearing up for the PGA Show

January 5th, 2011 11:20am - Posted By: Tiffanie

My long list of things to do yesterday to prep for the fast approaching PGA Show in Orlando comprised of: New Product descriptions? check. Show Specials List?, check. Demo Day equipment shipped?, check. Press Release to media?, ohh darn I need to work on that...so at oh dark early (aka 9:34 pm-hey I'm a mom leave me be!) I sent out our press release to media that had signed up to be at the Show. I am very pleased to announce that we have had a GREAT response already this morning.

A call from a radio show and a tv station; online news sites are adding the release (http://www.golfclubbusiness.com/index.php?showtopic=14844) and journalists saying how "cool" they think SNAG is.

Yippee! It's going to be a good day!


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