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Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues- Powered by SNAG®


In 2013, a national grassroots initiative to bring entry-level golf to millions of children and adults will be spearheaded by Jack Nicklaus and SNAG® Golf in conjunction with the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA).

Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues (JNLL), using SNAG® programming and equipment, will be rolled out in Parks and Recreation facilities in order to increase access to and engagement in the game of golf for youth and active adults.

In an effort to be more competitive with other sports, golf will enter the team sport arena through parks and recreation facilities across the country. JNLL will make golf and golf instruction available on a broader basis, and provide a safe, affordable, and accessible golf experience while developing a long-term sustainable model feeding into golf courses for future generations.

The Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues will be separated by age category including ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 and special leagues, such as Active Adults. Each League will have age appropriate format and curriculum. JNLL will be conducted by parent-coaches on soccer fields and selected open space within Park and Recreation facilities around the country.  These Leagues will provide quality instruction and progression for entry-level golfers to become engaged in the game of golf (in Jack’s words “and make it fun”) to the point where they are ready to transition to more traditional equipment at a golf course.

The SNAG® Golf programming has been several years in the making to ensure age-appropriate programming to develop golf motor skills as well as the culture of the game.  Dr. Robert Pangrazi, author of more than 50 physical-education textbooks, and Dr. Vanessa Anton developed some of the curriculum and activities so that parent-coaches can deliver the content effectively.  The program is intended to be activity based, with progressive instruction to occur as the skill level develops.  Play will be the focus of the program in a non-competitive format.

The mission of SNAG® Golf is to get people physically active by introducing them to golf in a fun and easy way that encourages a lifetime of positive experiences and relationships. Through JNLL, we hope to help address the demographic, geographic, economic, educational and access barriers that prevent the masses from participating in this lifetime sport.

A Global Outreach for Learning Foundation (G.O.L.F) is currently being created to administer the JNLL program. Sponsor funds are being raised to help reduce entry costs and to ensure JNLL will be successful for future generations.  A website listing JNLL sites will be launched in the coming months.

The Global Outreach for Learning Foundation's mission is to introduce the game of golf to people of all ages, help develop skills, enhance their level of fun playing the game, and promote health and wellness.  G.O.L.F. hopes to grow the game by reaching more people of varying backgrounds through our nation's community, recreational, educational and care facilities, while using developmentally appropriate golf programs as the primary vehicle. The goal is to ensure retention and provide a sustainable model for transition to programs at golf facilities in order to increase participation in the game for current and future generations.

For information about becoming a corporate sponsor, starting or running a League in your community, or general questions:

Please CLICK HERE fill out our Consumer Contact Form to be added to the email list. The SNAG® Team will get back with you as soon as possible with up-to-date JNLL and G.O.L.F information. 


The Wall Street Journal released an article on 12/8/2012 about Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues, to read the article online CLICK HERE

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CLICK HERE to read the Press Release issued on 12/14/2012


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Roller Ram

In England this October, Jack Nicklaus explains this more forgiving version of the game, called SNAG.




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