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Design Your Own Course

A Sticky is like a golf hole and can be any distance that you desire. Here are some guidelines:

  • A three-pointer (par 3) can be up to a maximum of 35 yards or "big steps." A good SNAGster should get the SNAG ball inside the Short Stuff in one launch, and to the Flagsticky in two rolls for a total of three on the Sticky
  • A four-pointer is about 60-85 yards or "big step." A good SNAGster should get the SNAG ball inside the Short Stuff in two launch, and to the Flagsticky in two rolls for a total of four on the Sticky
  • Five-pionter (three launches and two rolls) should be 90-120 yards long. Six-pointers (four launches and two rolls) should be about 140-160 yards.

Below are some illustrations that may help set your own SNAG course.

Before setting up a course, follow these easy steps:

  • Fill the yellow Flagsticky base with water or sang.
  • Insert the flagpole and flag into the top of the Flagsticky base.
  • Yell Geronimo?
  • Think of how you can use obstacles located in the area of your intended play.

Consider how may people will be playing and limit each group to no more than five.

You can set up a sticky practically anywhere. You must first find a flat are to outline your Short Stuff, which is like the green in golf, and place your Flagsticky somewhere inside of it. Use 50' or 100' clotheslines, chalk or powder to outline your Short Stuff. Use cones, sticks, or rope to outline the boundaries of your SNAGway. From there you can step off the distance back to your teeing area. It is best if you design several Stickys in advance of your play and mark the teeing area.

Be Creative!

Use your imagination to design different obstacles that you have to play around to avoid. These may include things like trees, creeks, dirt piles, play areas, etc. you can use the infield of a baseball park as your Short Stuff and play to it from different directions.

You can set up your course around a football or soccer field. You may even design a course in your own neighborhood if you are careful to avoid traffic and your neighbor's property.

Always be smart and set up your course safely.

Roller Ram

SNAG can be played anywhere where there's open space. No golf course required!

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