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July 19th, 2011 4:21pm - Posted By: Tiffanie

Over the past 10 years, SNAG Golf has built a first-touch learning system for golf recognized by industry leaders around the world. There are multiple ways to grow revenues and the game using the Coaching Kit. In a climate of decreasing interest and spending it is more important than ever to innovate, not only to survive but to grow. Our goal is to create more golfers, not compete for existing golfers. We focus on attracting and retaining new learners from millions of people (children and adults) who do not currently play golf. If you are like most teaching professionals, bringing in and retaining new players in an attempt to grow the game is becoming more of a challenge every year. Sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis have surpassed golf in participation. It is becoming clear that if we as a community do not modify our approach to retaining new players, we might not have much of a business in the coming years. 

The SNAG system allows the professional to be truly mobile for the first time. Instructional sessions can be conducted either indoors or outdoors; any open space, green space or soccer field can be used without any agronomic damage. A large room or gym can serve as the indoor venue for an instructional session as well. This added dimension of portability opens up new ways for Pro’s to generate revenues. With this kind of flexibility, the Pro's opportunities are endless.

We understand that in these economic times it is of vital importance to ensure you receive a return on your investment when considering a new venture. You have probably already heard about SNAG Golf through a colleague, friend, or in the media…but do you know how you can use it to grow the game and revenues?   The Coaching Kit can be used to instruct new learners of all ages, both indoors and out, 365 days a year for an average of 7 years. The overarching theme here is: if you put in the effort to use SNAG then you will make extra money, grow your programs, and grow the game.  We speak to Pros every single day that tell us about how much their programs have grown, the new ideas they are coming up with, the new partnerships being created, etc. and it all comes back to Growing The Game & Your Revenues!!


Here are some examples of how Pros can utilize their investment in SNAG:

Opportunity: Golf Tournaments- Not only can you do SNAG Tournaments where people of all ages and skills levels can play together but SNAG also adds a new dynamic to the typical tournament by making it more fun and increasing participation from a broader audience. Whether it’s a corporate event or a charity tournament, you can get more participation from non-golfers or beginning golfers of all ages. With SNAG, everyone can play, interact, and have fun. In addition, it's a great way to entice a few new golfers who never knew how enjoyable golf can be. SNAG allows you to set up a course virtually anywhere on your property, like the driving range or open space, so more people can come out to play and have fun. It's also a great time to get your golf professionals involved as many of these people will want some additional basic instruction. With SNAG, you can set up the coaching stations and instruct people of all ages through the basics of putting, chipping, pitching, and full shots.  ROI- If an additional 25 people come to each tournament (spouses, kids, co-workers etc.) at an average of $20 per person, multiplied by 25 events per year…that is an EXTRA $10,000 for your facility.
Opportunity: “Bunny Slope” for Golf- Make SNAG the first step in teaching learners of all ages at your facility. The SNAG system lets you set up putting, chipping, pitching and full swing learning stations. Then, you can set up SNAG holes as a progression for learning. The fun and non intimidating equipment will entice more people give golf a try. New learners can immediately play holes which develops retention because they experience the self-fulfilling activity of playing golf. Currently, new learners get frustrated with their performance and the time it takes to play when beginning with "real clubs". If new learners choose to progress versus quit then you have more students and ultimately more players for future years. If you use SNAG, you can have indoor classes and play during the winter months to continue making revenue and by the time spring rolls around you have a pipeline of students ready to take their lessons to the next level! ROI-If you hold just two SNAG classes of 8 students each at an average of $90 per student you will have made $1,440. And that’s only 2 classes, how many classes could you do over the next few years? Maybe 10 per year? Well, that’s over $21,600 of extra income! That’s a car! 

Opportunity: Afterschool Programs- With your SNAG Coaching System you can teach afterschool beginning golf programs, both indoors or outdoors. (Private schools and aftercare programs are great options.) Proshave a prime opportunity to offer after school programs to easily pay for the equipment and to make additional income.  ROI-Make extra money and create a pipeline of students interested in golf

Opportunity: Day Camps and Summer Camps-We have multiple Pros around the country that have built a sizable income doing SNAG Golf Camps.  Depending upon your goals, you could choose to only do camps in the summer. This is great for retirees, or those that are looking for a transition into retirement while still making great money. It is also a great way for teachers to supplement their income during the summer months. Summer Camps are also a very lucrative option. ROI-We have dedicated professionals out there right now that are making from $10,000 to $50,000 per year of additional income using SNAG.

Opportunity: Parks and Recreation Programs-Park & Rec facilities have the infrastructure to successfully run multiple sport programs; golf needs to be a part of this lineup! Golf Professionals and Physical Educators have a fabulous opportunity to partner with their local Park & Rec agencies to deliver golf programs that will grow participation and revenues for everyone involved.  We had hundreds of Park & Rec Agencies around the nation apply for the SNAG G-Ball grant and only 15 sites were chosen, that proves there is a built up demand for SNAG programs all across the U.S., will you be the Pro that steps up to fill this gap? But what if yoiur local agency hasn’t heard of SNAG yet? We are partnering with the National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA) to roll out our SNAG G-Ball program so you would have the endorsement of the NRPA mixed with the materials in our Pro Resource Center to help illustrate the benefits of starting a SNAG Golf program. Many Pros work out a win-win partnership where the Park & Rec agency will market the program, handle registration, and provide an open field for play and the Pro just has to show up and instruct the class. They are very accustomed to doing this for all the other sports, why shouldn’t golf be included?!   ROI-Both partners make money, expand program offerings, and grow the game in the community!

Opportunity: Events- The event industry is HUGE and the opportunities are endless IF you get creative and put in the effort.  Event planners and attendees are always looking for something new, fun, and easy to do at meetings, conventions, and corporate events.  You can do senior events, family events, women’s events, and on and on.

Here are a few ideas of how Pros are making money and growing golf around the world:

    After School Programs     Camps     Leagues     Birthday Parties     Family entertainment     Golf Lessons & Classes for All Ages     Fundraising     Corporate Events     Team Building     Community Events        Sorority/Fraternity Events     Ladies Night Out     Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me Classes     Junior Programs     SNAG Tournaments     Increase participation at traditional tournaments     Church Programs      Programs for people with special needs     Rehabilitation Centers     Hospitals     Senior Centers     Retirement Villages

The Coaching Kit will pay for itself quickly and provide years of consistent revenue. These are just a few of the ways our partners are using the SNAG Coaching System to grow their business and the game of golf. It’s tested, it works, and there is nothing else like it on the market. There are some changes happening in the world of golf. Do you want to be a part of it?

 For more information please visit our SNAG Pros website at www.snagpros.com. As a professional, SNAG offers special pro pricing not available to the public. You must registerf irst to view our special pro prices or to order. Once you register, click on "Pro Pricing-PLACE YOUR ORDER" under the SNAG Products button above to view prices or to order.

Our Professional Resource Center is a hub of information including: training videos, information manual, and marketing materials. The SNAG system offers consistency for teaching your new learners.


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