What is G-Ball again?

June 22nd, 2011 5:42pm - Posted By: Tiffanie

What is G-Ball? G-Ball is a golf development program created by SNAG Golf. G-Ball can best be described as golf’s version of T-Ball, focused on children 5 to 8 years old.  It will be conducted by parent-coaches on soccer fields and selected open space within municipal facilities. Golf, for the first time, will enter the team sport arena to be more competitive with all other sports.

G-Ball has been several years in the making to ensure age-appropriate programming to develop a child’s golf motor skills as well as the culture of the game.  Dr. Robert Pangrazi and Dr. Vanessa Anton developed the curriculum and activities so that parent-coaches can deliver the content effectively.  The program is intended to be activity based with progressive instruction to occur as the child develops.  Play will be the focus of the program in a non-competitive format.

How will G-Ball be implemented in the U.S.? G-Ball will bring golf into mainstream team sports through our national Parks and Recreation Facilities. SNAG Golf has partnered with the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) to roll out a pilot program in 2011 that will focus on the 5-6 year old age group, with additional lessons plans being developed to also encompass 7-8 year old children in the future.

Player Development Products, LLC, the parent company of SNAG Golf, has provided $180,000 in grants, consisting of cash and SNAG equipment, to 15 park and recreation agencies in the U.S. to pilot the new SNAG G-Ball program in 2011.

Lesson Plans: The 12 one hour lesson plans that will be covered during G-Ball include golf skills, movement activities, and play.

G-Ball encompasses three components: Learning, Moving, and Playing

--  Learning the basics of golf in four stations: rolling (putting), chipping, pitching, launching) using modified golf equipment called SNAG Golf

--  Moving utilizing age appropriate movement activities designed to assist in learning golf

--  Playing a SNAG Course to perfect recently learned skills and to have fun 

Timing:  Agencies will administer programs during the summer of 2011, with some programs offering additional opportunities throughout the year.

Similar to soccer and other sports, there will be 4 teams of 12 children ages 5-6 years old, (totalling 48 children) playing G-Ball at one time.  Each Park & Rec department will structure their G-Ball program timing differently but we recommend the 12 lessons plans be done two times a week over a 6 week period.

Stations:  There will be four stations during each lesson. The Manual outlines the specifics of the activities that will take place at each station. They are all based on the SNAG fundamentals of rolling (putting), chipping, pitching, launching.     

Administration:  Although Golf has never been done as a group sport on this scale, Park & Rec Techs are experienced in successfully administrating the registration process for other sports (baseball, soccer, tennis, etc.) and they can easily use this same model for G-Ball. If an outside G-Ball administrator is hired, such as a local Golf Pro, it is imperative they be given direction on how the process has worked for other sports is this a new concept in the golf world.

More information: General information can be found at www.snagpros.com or www.nrpa.org/SNAG/. Administrators-For training resources please contact Kelly McCammon at 813-226-7574 or snagkelly@me.com. 

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