SNAG Lesson #2: Pitching & Launching

May 11th, 2011 4:58pm - Posted By: Tiffanie

As you may remember, I am an adult new learner that has no clue about golf. I am taking SNAG Golf Lessons from Shelly Haywood with "SNAG Arizona" in Tucson, AZ. I completed my second lesson focusing on pitching and launching last week...it was actually quite easy and enjoyable, here are my experiences:



The pitch is used to produce a shot that has more airtime than ground time. When standing in the Hoop Clock, with your body in a "tall A" and "hanging loose Y", keeping your arms straight swing your club to 9, make an "L" with the club by moving your wrists and swing through to 3 o'clock holding the "Y". Word Cue: 9L to 3Y. When finishing your swing make sure the bulls eye on the club face is facing up to the sky. Word Cue: "Eye to the Sky"; Make sure your tempo is constant, like a clock; minimize the body motion it is more of an arm swing



When standing in the Hoop Clock, keeping your arms straight swing your club to 9, Make an "L" with the club by moving your wrists, swing on to 10 , swing club around and through the ball to 3 o'clock, reset hands to make an "L" by moving your wrists, finish at 2 o'clock (or as Shelly says finish by "scratching your back" with the club; shoelace to your target). Your right foot will turn...The idea is to swing hard enough so momentum pulls your body to the left side. You will feel a pull in your left side as it isn't necessarily a natural motion for your body.


With a launch you will be making a full turn with the body...this is a great time to use the SNAGaZoo. Shelly said in technical golf lingo it would be called "releasing the club" which means to release your wrist in this position. Most new learners have no idea what that means. If someone told me to "release my club" I would drop it on the ground. :) Using the word cue 3L. She sees ladies getting lessons from their husbands where the ladies are told to "keep your head down", but it isn't about keeping your head down but about your stance. Stand in a good athletic position, your butt is the most powerful muscle in your body so use it! "It's all about the butt! The butt is king!" Shelly loves TPI. She says, "This is the number one test question at the TPI: the butt is king, the abs are queen". hahaha, so remember: 10 to 2, keep your butt out!


Shelly had me do some drills with the Snapper. The Snapper is a great tool to practice that speed needed to have a great launch shot.  The "snap" comes from the wrists. As Shelly says, "The Snapper is awesome! It is the best tool ever! The Snapper teaches speed.  Kids just "get" this!"  


After a few decent tries I actually did a great launch shot. There is a beautiful sound to a good launch shot!! It makes you feel like you could do anything! It got close to the Flag Sticky but didn't hit it. It made me feel better when Shelly said that in the beginning direction doesn't matter as much as just making good contact with the ball. 


In the two short lessons I had with Shelly I feel that I learned a lot about the different shots and got a great base to progress in my instruction. I won't be able to do a SNAG lesson in the next couple of weeks so I will probably do one more SNAG lesson to brush up before getting into traditional lessons. I want to make sure I am ready to move to the next step, and I am excited to learn more!!

Shelly has been really pleased with the progression she has noticed in her students when she uses SNAG equipment, training tools, and word cues with them versus traditional equipment and techniques. She uses the SNAG training tools even in her traditional junior classes.   I loved what she said about it: "I am in love with this for new golfers. I could never get a new golfer to do what you just did in half an hour. If I take two identical people who have never played golf before, one using traditional golf and one using SNAG I guarantee you the success rate with SNAG will blow regular golf out of the water. It is fun because you have is success and you will have the confidence to "graduate" to traditional equipment. Success breeds confidence and confidence is fun!" 

Thank you to Shelly Haywood for giving me such great lessons! I look forward to becoming a golfer! Yippee!! :)


To view our Instruction Manual, click HERE.

If you are interested in taking lessons from Shelly please visit www.snagarizona.com for her contact information. If you are not located in Arizona but would like to take SNAG lessons, please contact us at info@snaggolf.com and we will help you find a professional in your area.

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