SNAG at the 2010 NRPA Expo..What is G-Ball?

November 3rd, 2010 10:06am - Posted By: Rob

Last week, the SNAG team, led by self-proclaimed SNAGDADDY Terry Anton, descended upon the chilly city of Minneapolis for the 2010 National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA) trade show. The public parks and recreation facilities across the country are in trouble and the goal of the NRPA is to preserve the heritage of our public parks for the benefit of all citizens. SNAG Golf shares this vision which is why we are helping to bring our programming into the parks departments to help enrich and expand their programs.

Our flagship program G-Ball is golf’s version of T-Ball of baseball. G-Ball can be played in existing fields around the facilities and can be taught by parent coaches as the program is easy to implement. Finally a real golf experience can be achieved by beginners without the need of lengthy lessons and expensive green fees. This is perfect for the NRPA as they have a commitment to inclusion and diversity while supporting health and wellness. SNAG Golf and G-Ball gets kids moving while teaching them the lifelong principles learned in the great game of golf. SNAG Golf and G-Ball promises to deliver a safe, affordable, and accessible golf experience in line with the principles of the NRPA.

The SNAG Team truly had a wonderful experience at the show and enjoyed meeting the great members of the Parks community. Through continued collaboration and partnerships with the NRPA, SNAG Golf will be in a position to fulfill the mission of introducing golf to every child (and Adult) in America. In addition, we want to help the NRPA enhance the parks and recreation experience for communities across the country. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to stop by and experience the SNAG booth in all its glory and bright colors!


We will see you next year!

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